Four Years of Food Bank Support

23 April 2018
Sutton Premier Realty

SURREY, BC - When they greet the lineups of mothers with infants and many others struggling to put food on the table, the volunteers at the Surrey Food Bank know they are making a direct impact in people's lives.  At least once every two months for the past four years, a team from Sutton Premier Realty has volunteered at the food bank.  They sort donations and hand out food to people in need.  The four-hour shifts usually fly by as they have fun greeting people and working together.  It is a project that they can highly recommend.

"The staff and the clients of the Surrey Food Bank are very appreciative, and it is enjoyable dealing with them," says REALTOR Shirley Whitters.

"We usually volunteer once every two months from 9am until 1pm and typically, we have 10 volunteers.  Some are REALTORS from the office and their family members, some are mortgage brokers and home inspectors who we work with, and some are clients of ours."

The biggest challenge as a volunteer is telling a young mother that they have run out of formula, or that they have no more protein-rich foods like canned tuna for the children.

The top eight most needed items at the Surrey Food Bank are canned protein (fish and meat), canned fruit, canned vegetables, meals in a tin (eg pork n' beans, or stew), whole grain rice pasta and pasta cause, healthy canned soups and baby formula in large cans.  Other necessary baby items include diapers (especially size 4 to 6), cereal and baby foods for infants who are older than six months.

"The Surrey Food Bank also greatly appreciates cash donations as they get better discounts on buying food than we do," Shirley.

-Sutton Spirit April 12, 2018