Bring on the Balls Delivers Fun and Fitness this Christmas

27 December 2018
Sutton Premier Realty

Surrey, BC - Each Christmas 4,000 children from low income families eagerly anticipate receiving gifts donated to the Surrey Christmas Bureau, but hundreds of teenagers are left empty handed.  When the team at Sutton Premier Realty discovered this sad fact two years ago, they decided to "bring of the balls"-specifically balls for soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball and other sports.  On Wednesday, December 12, they delivered 268 balls and 40 gift hampers to the Surrey Christmas Bureau.

When this Sutton office visited the Surrey Christmas Bureau in 2016, they were shocked to see that the gift area for teenagers was empty.  When they spoke to Lisa Werring, the charity's Executive Director, she told them how difficult it is to obtain donations for that age group.  While people can find all sorts of toys for younger children, they are often unsure of what to purchase for teenagers.

The team at Sutton Premier Realty decided that sports balls would provide hours of enjoyment as well as fitness for teens and launched Bring on the Balls.  In December 2017, the inaugural year of their campaign, they delivered a massive pile of 260 balls.  This December, they donated even more:  268 balls and dozens of hampers containing hats, gloves, scarves, candies and $25 gift cards for movies, etc.

Over the past several years, Sutton Premier Realty has raised more than $40,000 to provide food, toys and other gifts to the Surrey Christmas Bureau.

-Sutton Spirit December 27, 2018