Changing Companies

Each agent has their own niche market whether it be based on geographic, demographic, psychographic or behavioral. Most agents gravitate towards the geographic based markets, but usually will have a blend. We therefore recognize that each agent will need different tools and services for their unique businesses.

Whether you are interested in becoming a salesperson, a managing broker, or joining the staff of one of our sales offices or departments, we believe you’ll find that joining Sutton Premier Realty is the best career move you’ll ever make.

Advantage for an Experienced Agent with Sutton Premier Realty

  • In House Certified Richard Robbins Trainer
  • Ongoing master mind mentor group
  • Audio/Video Media Room for use with your clients
  • Awesome Support Staff
  • Outstanding Company Reputation
  • Sutton Member program offering lowest mortgage rates in Canada

Advantage for a Newly Licensed Agent with Sutton Premier Realty

  • Pathway to Success - Post Licensing program
  • In House Certified Richard Robbins Trainer
  • Truly Professional Realtors who share their knowledge and experience
  • Full Time Knowledgeable Manager
  • State of the Art, High Tech Office located next to the Real Estate Board
  • Nationally recognized 100% Canadian brand with offices coast to coast
  • Sutton Member program offering lowest mortgage rates in Canada

You will have our full support

The difference between a job and a career isn’t just luck. You need to have the drive, as well as the resources, to get the job done. No one else can do it for you, but if you have the initiative, we’ll make it possible for you to go as far as you want! That’s how you become a successful Realtor!

At Sutton Premier Realty, you’ll always have the resources to help you make the “Best” conscious decisions. From our initial training to ongoing coaching, Sutton Premier Realty team is committed to making all the “parts” stronger!

Together everyone achieves more

Sutton Premier Realty is always ready to help you do your job, to the maximum of your ability. If you are a seasoned real estate agent and feel you deserve a greater personal return on your hard work, you’ve come to the right place. At Sutton Premier Realty, you’ll find a true team spirit combined with vast personal earning potential.

Learn and Grow!

One way Sutton Premier Realty supports it associates is by offering the ultimate key to career success: Education! Our respected training program reflects our commitment to real estate sales education, career and income growth. Sutton Premier Realty Career Program has a focus on personal productivity, sales skills and career development. Is there any better way to build your business and your earnings?

This is our culture. Are you ready to take the opportunity?