When I first joined Sutton Premier Realty in August 2011, I was scared but excited starting my career in Real Estate.  I went to many different offices and interviewed different companies and agencies that would best fit what I was looking for in regards to my support, professional office with great support, training and learning different techniques becoming a true professional.  I did not know what to expect but had a good feeling when I first met Kelvin the Managing Broker.   My 1st morning meeting I felt very “at home” when everybody from the office including agents, brokers & support staff welcomed me to the family at Sutton Premier.  2 years later I am successful realtor and have a team of 3 very successful realtors working with me.  I would not have reached my goals and expectations if it wasn’t for Sutton Premier Realty.  I love the in house services that Sutton Premiers offers me.

Mike Marfori

I have been working with Sutton for the last 23 years. Why? This company has a very strong base/foundation and is very well established all over the country. The owners take a keen interest in their sales persons and their well being. The owner broker of Sutton Premier personally takes interest to see that every salesperson is well aware of fast changing rules and regulations of our industry to keep sales people safe from any litigation through his Manager, KELVIN NEUFELD who is the past president of our Board. Who is so well versed of any day to day changes in the industry. Office meetings are always packed and one has to come early to grab the seat. Most important of all the front Desk Staff is FANTASTIC. The minute you enter the office you are greeted with a smile and you feel like you are at home. You never loose your calls. The companies dedicated sales staff collect hundreds of blankets before winter starts and is distributed to needy people and also feed 20 families every Christmas. You have full peace of mind with highly professionals colleagues.

Bhim Nair

Sutton-Premier Realty is an incredible office, the culture is one of sharing and openness, there are some amazing agents who are always willing to help and there are plenty of fabulous training sessions in-house. Our staff are clearly second to none! Our manager is a past President of the Board and is actively involved in the betterment of our industry. He is always available and MOST knowledgeable when you need him. Our conveyancer is incredibly efficient and knows her job inside out, Teresa is the BEST conveyancer I've ever known. Our receptionist, Tammara, is one of the nicest and friendliest people I have ever met. We also are situated very conveniently next to the "mother ship", the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board office. Good times, great people, great events too! What are you waiting for? Come to our office for a visit anytime and you will see just why I can boast so highly about the team at Sutton Premier!!!

Chris Shields

I decided to join Sutton Premier Realty for a few different reasons. The first thing was meeting with Larry as there was instant chemistry and I knew things were on the right track at that point. There were series of questions and concerns I had as a new realtor and most of them were related and most of them were related to what the office had to offer opposed to the other offices in town. I was very impressed with the amount of training the office offers every year which I knew would be crucial in fast tracking my success. I was also concerned with the kind of help I was going to be getting outside of the classroom which, after meeting with Kelvin, I knew wasn't going to be an issue. I had the same first impression of Kelvin that I did with Larry. So far after a month and a half of being with Sutton Premier, I can truly say it was the perfect choice. I couldn't be happier. Kelvin has been a huge help at all hours of the day. I have 3 client's on the go at the moment and he's been assisting me to make sure that everything is done by the book so my clients are represented in the most professional way possible. I am happy to say I was awarded "Rookie of The Year 2016" at Sutton Premier Realty.

Julian Thompson

When looking for a brokerage to join, my main focus was to find a supportive and encouraging environment that would offer opportunities for growth and development. After meeting with Larry and Kelvin, having a warm conversation I felt right at home at Sutton Premier. I feel lucky to have found an inspiring group of people managed by Kelvin who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the real estate industry. I am looking forward to many successful years with Sutton Premier.

Elena Nevzorova

Prior to working at Sutton Premier Realty, I had the opportunity to interview and gather information about other brokerage offices to work for. However, Sutton Premier Realty felt more like it was the offices to work for. However, Sutton Premier Realty felt more like it was the office for me. I conduct my day to day business in a 2-storey office building fully provided with the most supportive colleagues, receptionists, managing broker and owner, who cares so deeply about their business practices and the success of others. Their training is phenomenal, the career packages are extremely reasonable, and we have a fantastic marketing and event planning team. Not only that, we have a beautiful, spacious lounge area and plenty of office spaces to do business. Although, I find the best part is having the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board adjacent to the office. Sutton Premier is in once of the best locations & the best office to choose from!